Azhar is the founder of WebSell Solutions Ptd Ltd. which specializes in Online Marketing, Websites & Analytics. He's passionate about content based marketing using Search & Social Media channels that empowers businesses with visibility on the internet. He has a background in IT with over 15 years in architecting systems, project management and application development.

MRA Grant for overseas marketing activities

Quick Guide to claiming the MRA Online Marketing Grant for your overseas market promotion

Last Updated Jan 2017. Expanding the business beyond its native location is an ambition that many start-ups and established companies harness.  For Singapore based businesses this is even more pertinent in view of the limited size and population of this country.  However, pursuing such goals is often fraught with challenges – one of the main…

Amplifying Content Marketing

Want to amplify your Content Marketing? make sure you COPE!

Marketing your products & services with beneficial content is the new age marketing method.  Like many other countries it’s gaining ground with SME’s in Singapore making marketing more pleasurable rather than annoying with cold calls and disruptive advertisements. But like all good things, succeeding in Content Marketing is not as easy.  After producing useful content,…